At pinnacle we only work with the highest quality paint products. We work hand in hand with Anderson and Sherwin Williams paint representatives to ensure that you, the customer, get the necessary material assistance to keep you home in pristine condition.



  • Provides uniform finish for ceilings and large walls (especially those that get direct sunlight
  • Hides construction defects in walls
  • Less washable than other sheens, although some products make washable flats


  • Provides a slight sheen to walls
  • Washable, more stain resistant
  • Ideal for accent colors
  • Satin

  • Provides sheen, shines in sunlight
  • Washable, mildew resistant
  • Sets off woodwork
  • Will highlight defects in texture
  • Best used for trim work, bathrooms and kitchens (where cleaning is always needed).

Gloss or Semi-Gloss

  • Provides greatest sheen, strong shine in direct light
  • Very washable
  • Shows every texture defect in wall
  • Ideal for doors, cabinets, highlights, trim work.
    • Products and Colors


      Toner or Semi Transparent Stains

      • Shows wood grains
      • Adds tone while preserving natural look of wood
      • Seals out water typically lasting 2-3 years
      • Extensive powerwashing required to remove previous coats
      • Semi-Transparent more opaque than a toner

      Solid Color Stains

      • Opaque, looks like paint
      • Covers better for a more uniform look
      • Hides Blemishes and discolorations on deck
      • Lasts 3-5 years
      • Less prep work-required cutting down on cost