Deck wash and staining

When staining a deck it is essential to take every measure to ensure that it will maintain its new look for an extended period of time. Below is the step-by-step procedure that we go through to achieve this goal.

STEP 1: POWER WASH >> This step is imperative to removing dirt and mildew from the deck surface, as well as reviving the original look of the wood. Depending on the condition of the deck, an additional washing solution, stripping solution, or sanding may be needed.

STEP 2: FINISH COATING >> After the deck has been cleaned and has dried, it is ready to be stained. Decks can either be stained in a toner, semi-transparent or solid color stain. With either a toner or a semi-transparent stain, the original wood grains can still be seen. A solid stain will completely cover all of the wood grains (as well as any unwanted marks) on the deck.